Dear Teacher,
The Alliance of Indigenous Math Circles appreciates your involvement with the Bluebird Math Circle. We offer you a certificate granting 3 PD hours when you:

You are welcome to receive these certificates multiple times—as many times as you come to Bluebird MC meetings and implement the materials as described above. 

PD Certificate

Teacher interview

Alicia Gonzales, Pojoaque Valley Middle School, Santa Fe, NM
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“The main reason that I love to teach math is because I was never good at math when I was a student. I always was the student that thought, “I’m so bad at this, and I’ll never get it.” Then, when I was offered the opportunity to get my math teaching degree, I had excellent teachers, who valued what I thought, and who showed me different ways and modeling and how to teach and how to make those connections. So I want to be such a teacher.”

Alicia Gonzales Award
Photo: Ms. Gonzales receives Excellence in Teaching Award

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