Sunflower Bluebird Fundraiser

Your tax-deductible donation will support Ukrainian math translators.

Thank you! Дякуємо!

As a response to the horrors of war in Ukraine, our international team has joined forces to run English-Ukrainian math circles for Ukrainian children, parents, and teachers. The activities bring peace, joy, and camaraderie to the life of children impacted by war. They learn creative mathematics with the bilingual bonus. Currently, our English-Ukrainian math circles take place within two amazing organizations. The online math circle of the Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine serves the academy’s teacher and student members. The math circle of Warsaw University of Technology serves Ukrainian refugee families in Poland. To support similar programs, we publish all our teacher and student materials under open Creative Commons licenses. All US-based work is a volunteer effort with no cost. We are raising money to compensate our young Ukrainian colleagues: the mathematicians and scholars who co-design and translate the materials, announcements, and meetings. Please help support them!

Visit The Sunflower Bluebird page to download materials for your class or math circle.

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