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Series on Mathematics Education: Volume 16

Mathematical Outreach

Explorations in Social Justice Around the Globe

Chapter 6: The Alliance of Indigenous Math Circles: From Invitations to Partnerships

Parts of this chapter have been previously published in the AMS Notices, April 2019. They appear here sometimes with modification and sometimes verbatim. The Notices article represents a more condensed version that leaves out the authors’ notes and much of the genealogical details.Tatiana Shubin and Bob Klein


The Alliance of Indigenous Math Circles (AIMC) is devoted to bringing mathematicians and math professionals in direct contact with indigenous students and teachers throughout the United States and abroad in order to improve and strengthen their grasp and attitude toward mathematics. We promote the culture of problem-solving by grafting it onto the various indigenous cultures, thus bringing more indigenous people into STEM fields. We also use mathematics to give all people tools, mindsets and techniques to fashion a successful and fulfilling life regardless of professional occupation. The process of starting our program for a given community involves patience and respectful approach. We operate on a strict principle of only working where we are invited and we are trying to create a real partnership with the communities where we work — sharing in the successes and setbacks, the planning and the execution. The AIMC is a “circle” in its own right, a gathering of those who work to make the discipline and practice of mathematics as diverse and inclusive as possible.