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The Navajo Math Circles Project

The Navajo Math Circles documentary tells the story from which this effort grows. Information about the full movie is at Zala Films.

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A Math Wrangle Friendly Competition (VimeoYouTube)

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Pattern and Disruption: Dine’ LIfeways and Embedded Mathematics. An exhibit at the Kennedy Museum in Athens, OH. Guest-curated by Henry and Sally Fowler, and Bob Klein. Attend the Virtual Exhibit and come Backstage to see how we put it together. 2017 October and ongoing. Fall 2019 Exhibit Planning “Weaving Math and Culture” @ Kennedy Museum of Art, Athens, OH (Flickr Gallery images copyrighted) 2017 May. Summer Camp @ Navajo Prep Summer Camp (Flickr Gallery) 2017 March. School Visit @ Navajo Preparatory Academy, Farmington, NM (Flickr Gallery) 2016 October. Film Screening @ Bluff Film Festival, Bluff, UT (Flickr Gallery)