Our Partners

The AIMC is privileged to be a Special Project of the American Institute of Mathematics.

We are humbled by the founding support of the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute and the Carnegie Corporation of New York. We seek additional organizations who might include our efforts (and our impacts) in their portfolios. We are also looking for mathematics professionals with experience leading math circles to join us in the effort. Contact us if you are interested!

The support of the Mathematical Association of America (www.maa.org) and the Tensor-SUMMA award makes possible the 2018, 2019, and 2021 AIMC Math Camps at Navajo Preparatory School. We are grateful for their support.

The American Indian Science & Engineering Society shares our values and we are grateful for their support and encouragement in our work. Get involved at aises.org

Natural Math provides educational design, publishing, outreach, and technical support for Bluebird Math Circle.

Numerous other donors and believers contribute their time, talent, and treasure to our effort. Their contributions are having lasting impacts and represent a direct investment in our future. Thank you.

Collaborators and Outreach



California Indian Museum and Cultural Center
 California Indian Museum and Cultural Center, Math Interwoven project.

Navajo Preparatory School

National Indian Education Association 1
 National Indian Education Association
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American Mathematical Society – Committee on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (CoEDI)