Mathematics Popularization Day

September 15, 2022

Problems as Springboards, not Hurdles


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Problems as Springboards, not Hurdles

MiNI Bluebird

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A math circle is a place where people of all ages, positions, and backgrounds get together to study DO mathematics with ‘intensity and delight.’
A quote from Bob Kaplan’s article The Math Circle, Notices of the American Mathematical Society, September 1995

In many Native American cultures Bluebird is a symbol of wisdom. That is why we call our math circle, which primarily serves Native American students and teachers, The Bluebird Math Circle.

Bluebird Math Circle is a supportive community of teachers, students, and their families – everybody who cares or is curious about mathematics, education, and Indigenous young people’s futures. Every other week Bluebird MC publishes a newsletter with fun and engaging activities that are accessible to everyone. We play with activities in class, at home, and at live online Circle meetings. After each meeting, we publish a recap where Circle members and friends share the ideas they developed in the meeting, ask additional questions, and suggest future topics. Bluebird Math Circle is a community-owned project.

Bluebird MC has been running for more than a year, and we have had participants from Alaska and British Columbia all the way through North Carolina. And now we are launching its sibling – MiNI Bluebird – in collaboration with the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science (MiNI) at Warsaw University of Technology, and the Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.