Alliance of Indigenous Math Circles /AIMC/

Learn more about how we work. Work with the AIMC to establish math circles in your community. Send us a note to get started.

AIMC Virtual Math Camp

The camp for rising 7th-12th grade students and their families was held on July 23rd, 2021. Participants, thank you for coming! Stay awesome and come again next year.

AIMC Virtual Math Camp 2021_July23

Bluebird Math Circle

Summer-Fall 2021 – join now, and download materials for your classroom, math circle, or family.

Wise Bluebird

Statement of Solidarity

Our work is all about the power of communities to bring diverse perspectives together to solve problems. We are a Special Project of the American Institute of Mathematics and we wholeheartedly endorse their statement regarding the murders of George Floyd, Ahmed Aubrey, Breonna Taylor, and others.

Stretch your Brain!

In an ordinary summer, we would be seeing so many of you in our math circles camps. All of us at the AIMC miss you–we miss your laughter and smiles, your creativity and energy, and your awesome problem solving powers. It’s important to keep your mind active! So we’ve developed the first MIND STRETCHER for you to share with friends and families. Let us know what you think. Are you able to solve any of these? Do you have a puzzle to contribute to our next Mind Stretcher? Email and let us know!

AIMC was well represented at the AISES Annual Meeting in Milwaukee in 2019

Former math camp attendee, Sky Harper, won first place for his research poster and former math camp attendee and peer leader, Natanii Yazzie was inducted into the Sequoyah Fellows of AISES. Congratulations to both of you! You make a difference!

Sky Harper
Natanii Yazzie

Thank you TEACHERS for making the AIMC Math Teachers’ Circle Workshop @ IAIA (July 15-18, 2019) such a great success! See more past events.
Thank you STUDENTS for making the third annual AIMC Math Camp @ Navajo Prep 2019 truly engaging! See more past events.

Read about the Development of AIMC

Bob Klein & Tatiana Shubin’s recent article in the Notices of the American Mathematical Society is here:

Tatiana Shubin makes news!

Our very own Tatiana making news by sharing great math with great students. See this link, from the Navajo-Hopi Observer for details!

Fowler and Klein Collaborate with the Kennedy Museum of Art

The AIMC’s Henry Fowler and Bob Klein, together with Sally and Perfelia Fowler, began work with the staff at the Kennedy Museum of Art, to co-curate a Spring 2020 exhibit that highlights connections between the Kennedy’s extensive 700+ collection of Diné weavings and the tapestries of mathematics. Details to follows, though pictures can be found on the Our Stories page. Many thanks to the amazing staff at the KMA for their generous willingness to share and to create together.

Dr. Henry Fowler in Scientific American

Check out this Scientific American article about a new podcast, called “My Favorite Theorem”, with Henry Fowler talking about his favorite theorem and its connection to his Navajo identity:

Learn more about our project

The following videos describe our work on the Navajo Nation with the Navajo Nation Math Circles project. George Csicsery of Zala Films have compiled these video shorts from the Navajo Math Circles documentary film shown on PBS.

The Navajo Math Circles Project (Vimeo, YouTube)

A Math Wrangle Friendly Competition (Vimeo, YouTube)