Arrowhead Math Circle group meeting

Play a GAME!

Play a GAME

  1. Start at 0

  2. First player adds 1,2,3 or 4 and passes the total to player 2

  3. Player 2 adds 1,2,3 or 4 to the total then passes the total back to player 1

  4. Whoever reaches 20 min.

Learn about and interact with the organization whose mission is to create mathematical opportunities for indigenous students and to build community among math teachers of indigenous students while respecting indigenous culture.
Alliance of Indigenous Math Circles – Tatianan Shubin, PhD. and Donna Fernandez, MEd, NBCT  presentation.  The games made it a fun experience – I’ll challenge my kids to the count to 20 game and perform a bit better, we had over 90 as our peak attendance and I know a few people are interested in getting involved.

Bluebird Math Circle is a community-owned project. You too are invited! To join, email Bluebird, or sign up for newsletter.


Dec 05 2021