Regional Coordinator

Ya’ateeh (Hello) Dawnlei is Naa’neeshte’zhi Ta’chiinii (Red Running Through the Water-Zuni Division) clan. Born for Naakai Diné (Wondering People) clan. Her maternal grandfathers are Tódi’chii’nii (Bitter Water) clan and her paternal grandfathers are Tótso’nii (Big Water) clan. She is from Tse’zhin Na’stlah Tse’yidi (Canyon DeChelly) in Chinle Arizona. This is how she is known and relates to her Diné (Navajo) People and to all creations of Mother Earth and Father Sky. Dawnlei is an Instructor of Indigenous Science at Dzil Dit’loií School of Empowerment, Action, and Perseverance (DEAP) in Navajo, NM. Dawnlei helped coordinate and implement Diné philosophy in local math circles, festivals, teacher professional development, and math camps for Math Circles on the Navajo Reservation before leaving for school to continue her education in 2016. Dawnlei returned in 2018 with her masters in Educational Technology and wants to continue her work on implementing Native American Philosophy in AIMC. email:
Dawnlei Hunter Ben