Bob Klein

Bob Klein, Executive Director of AIMC

Bob has been working with math circles since 2012. A past director of the Navajo Nation Math Circles project, Bob has worked with students, teachers, parents, community members, and educational leadership on engaging mathematics, rural education, and community collaboration. Bob is proud to be an adopted member of the Navajo Tribal clan, Todích’íí’nii (Bitter Water). He has worked with indigenous peoples from around the world in the U.S., México, Guatemala, Panamá, and Nepal. He resides in Athens, Ohio, USA. Bob is also a 2019-20 Fellow of the American Council on Education.

Series on Mathematics Education

World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd  Series on Mathematics Education: Volume 16 Mathematical Outreach Explorations in Social Justice Around the Globe Chapter 6: The Alliance of Indigenous Math Circles: From Invitations to Partnerships Parts of this chapter have been previously published in the AMS Notices, April 2019. They appear here sometimes with modification and sometimes verbatim. […]

Article By David Austin on Math Communities site

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How Indigenous Groups Raise Youth Who Are Passionate About Math

How Indigenous Groups Raise Youth Who Are Passionate About Math Julia Brodsky Forbes Education Contributor / I inquire about the meaning of education in our fast-changing world. Every summer, something wondrous happens in the remote areas of Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. Families travel for hours to join a week-long gathering celebrating math, friendship, […]