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TEACHERS!!  AIMC Math Teachers’ Circle Workshop @ IAIA 2019 – July 15-18

For teachers of tribal students in grades 5-8. FREE!!
This is your chance to work with fun and engaging mathematicians and teacher peers, and to rediscover the joy of great problem solving. Check out our flyer. To apply to attend, download our MTC application (WORD), complete it, and send it to aimathcircles@gmail.com by June 30 for full consideration. Participating teachers will receive $400 in stipend for attending the entire workshop, and up to $100 in personal mileage reimbursement. Lodging and meals will be provided.

Here’s a fun event in Tuba City! Consider attending!

While not an AIMC event, this is co-facilitated by AIMC Regional Coordinator, Craig Young. Details in this flyer (PDF) and application (MSWord).

THANK YOU STUDENTS!! For making the AIMC Math Camp @ Navajo Prep 2019 truly engaging!

For students rising to grades 7-12. FREE!!
This residential camp was held at the Navajo Preparatory School in Farmington, NM June 2-8.

Read about the Development of AIMC

Bob & Tatiana’s recent article in the Notices of the American Mathematical Society is here: http://dx.doi.org/10.1090/noti1852

ANOTHER! Tuba City Boarding School Parent Academy Night

Math Circle Night for Parents, Staff and Students @ Tuba City Boarding School Cafeteria on January 29, 2019 from 6-7pm. Contact Regional Coordinator, Craig Young for more details about the event. Flyer here..

Tuba City Boarding School Math Circle Night

Math Circle Night for Parents, Staff and Students @ Tuba City Boarding School Cafeteria on October 30, 2018 from 6-7pm. Contact Regional Coordinator, Craig Young for more details about the event. Flyer here.

4CMTC Meeting at Navajo Prep

The 4 Corners Math Teachers’ Circle met 5-8PM on October 24, 2018 at Navajo Preparatory School. Topic was “Fractals with Adding Machine Paper.”  Contact Regional Coordinator, Donna Fernandez for more details. Here is a flyer to share with colleagues!

SUMMER CAMP 2018 at Navajo Prep

May 28-June 2. Grades 7-12. Prepare for great fun! Application period is now closed. Prepare yourself, campers, for a GREAT time.

Tatiana Shubin makes news!

Our very own Tatiana making news by sharing great math with great students. See this link, from the Navajo-Hopi Observer for details!

Fowler and Klein Collaborate with the Kennedy Museum of Art

The AIMC’s Henry Fowler and Bob Klein, together with Sally and Perfelia Fowler, began work with the staff at the Kennedy Museum of Art, to co-curate a Fall 2019 exhibit that highlights connections between the Kennedy’s extensive 700+ collection of Diné weavings and the tapestries of mathematics. Details to follows, though pictures can be found on the Our Stories page. Many thanks to the amazing staff at the KMA for their generous willingness to share and to create together.

Dr. Henry Fowler in Scientific American.

Check out this Scientific American article about a new podcast, called “My Favorite Theorem”, with Henry Fowler talking about his favorite theorem and its connection to his Navajo identity:


Nov. 11: Four Corners Math Circle Workshop at Navajo Prep

Ms. D. Fernandez of Navajo Prep will be hosting a Fall MTC workshop on Saturday, November 11 from 9am-3pm. The AIMC and New Mexico Math Circles Collaborative are supporting the event that is open to teachers of all grades 5-12. Certificates of participation will be provided to all teachers. RSVP to Ms. Fernandez (email dfernandez at navajoprep followed by the dot com). To be alerted to this and future events, please see our instruction sheet below for signing up for our text-messaging alert system from Remind.com (here, sign up for one or more states).

Exploding Dots! at Santa Fe Indian School. Contributing to Global Math Day!

The Mathematics Department at Santa Fe Indian School, in partnership with the Alliance of Indigenous Math Circles, joined 1.7 million math fans around the world engaged in the Global Math Project by sponsoring a free  Exploding Dots workshop on Saturday, September 30, 2017. The event was attended by 10 teaching professionals from 8:00-12:00 in the MST Lecture Hall on the SFIS campus.

Letter of Invitation: (PDF), Poster: (PDF)

The Navajo Nation’s FIRST Math Teachers’ Circle! You are invited!

The AIMC was proud to support the first meeting of the Navajo Math Teachers’ Circle on Sep. 23 (Saturday) in Kayenta, AZ at Monument Valley High School. Topic was “Number Sense across the Grades” and was facilitated by Drs. Pam Smith and Anne McCarthy of Fort Lewis College (Colorado).

The Alliance of Indigenous Math Circles Teachers’ Immersion Workshop! You made history!

Thanks to the participants of the July 13-15 Summer Math Teachers’ Circle Immersion Workshop at Greyhills Academy in Tuba City, AZ who made it a great success. Some materials and links are below. Please contact if you have questions! Thanks also to the Carnegie Corporation of New York for their generous support.

Coins in Twoland:  Notes & Handouts (PDF, 268KB)

Liar’s Bingo: Strips (PDF, 17 KB); Article 1 (PDF, KB); GeogebraTube (link)

ZomeTools: link

Avoid Hard Work: Natural Math Website (Publisher link); James Tanton homepage

The Global Math Project: Homepage. Join now! Free!

SET: Company and Daily Puzzle (link); Article 1 (PDF, 196 KB); The book: The Joy of Set

Mathematical Origami: Constructions (PDF, 65 KB); Sonobe Units (PDF, 42 KB); Minako Flowers (PDF, 28 KB); Magic Pinwheel (PDF, 63KB); Star Kusadama Ornament (PDF, 39KB); Zig-Zag Phizz Units (PDF, 61KB). Thanks to Amanda Serenevy and the Riverbend Community Math Center for these!

Modular Arithmetic: Notes (PDF, 68 KB)

Learn more about our project.

The following videos describe our work on the Navajo Nation with the Navajo Nation Math Circles project. George Csicsery of Zala Films have compiled these video shorts from the Navajo Math Circles documentary film shown on PBS.

The Navajo Math Circles Project (Vimeo, YouTube)

A Math Wrangle Friendly Competition (Vimeo, YouTube)

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